Imagine a computer science degree where you learn by doing. Where you learn in studios working on projects, not in lecture halls. Where you never take an end-of-term exam. Where you get a Masters qualification in four years. Where you spend half your time being paid to solve some of society’s toughest problems in the world’s best companies, and half your time learning with the best lecturers and researchers.

This is Immersive Software Engineering at the University of Limerick.

Who you'll work with

Real-world, hands on experience

“This is exactly what I wanted when I was in college.”

Marc Andreessen

Inventor of the web browser

 “This is a phenomenal way to learn the skills you need to build the next Instagram.”

Mike Krieger

Co-founder of Instagram

“Our industry partners have been invaluable in the conception of this disrupting programme, bringing their incredible industry experience to the benefit of our future graduates and effectively doing something that has never been done before in shaping and changing how computer science is taught in Ireland.”

Prof Kerstin Mey

President of University of Limerick

“Studying software engineering gives you the freedom to follow your passions and put your creativity to work. If I had the choice at the time, Immersive Software Engineering would have been a dream course for me.”

Sarah Sharkey

Software engineer at Stripe

Software engineering is a wonderful career. Immersive Software Engineering gets students writing code in the real world as quickly as possible, so they’re ready to join today’s leading companies or start Ireland’s next breakout startup.”

John Collison

Entrepreneur, co-founder of Stripe

We are delighted to work with UL to ensure students are getting real-world, hands-on experience and are proud to collaborate with the University to help mould the next generation’s engineers.”

Vincent Roche

CEO, Analog Devices

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